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WCS Team USA 2010 Prelims

Just a heads up - I'm copypasting this from Elizabeth's LJ, so everyone knows what's happening!

"Hey everybody! Long time no post. They lost my luggage with all my costumes, I'm jet-lagged out the ears, and this Internet connection is slow as hell, but I wanted to drop in because I was talking to Ed this morning and they *just* inked the deal for the World Cosplay Summit US preliminaries to be held at Fanime in San Jose! Hooray! Good luck everybody. - Elizabeth"


Hey everyone! This is FWD just dropping in to give everyone a heads-up. I'll be a guest at CICAF - The China International Cartoon & Animation Festival in Huangzhou, China from April 28-May 3. They invited us both, but India's busy being a responsible worker bee in New York, so I'm flying solo on this one. I'll be judging the cosplay, signing stuff, doing guest things. There's also a performance on the schedule. It should be fun! ^_^


And dudes, how ridiculously huge is CICAF? o_O? Last year there were 780,000 attendees.

Hello my lovelies! Long time no chat!

As Elizabeth updated back in October, she and I are going to be guests at Anime Matsuri in Houston, TX, April 2-4, so you should all come bother us! Be sure to check out the website - it's very fancy.

Along the same vein, we're going to be involved with some really fun events at Anime Matsuri - namely J-Fashion with Aural Vampire, the Japanese fashion show featuring looks from Atelier-Pierrot, and the International Cosplay MeetUp, with fellow guests Francesca Dani and Yukilefay.

And also, though, you may already know, Anime Matsuri is super proud to be hosing a regional preliminary for the Yume Cosplay Prize, and Elizabeth and I (along with Francesca Dani and Yukilefay) are super proud to be judges! Bring out your best!

And there's another thing we're excited to do at Anime Matsuri: PANELS! That's mostly why I'm posting, actually. We'd love to hear what you want to hear us talk about! Wig styling? Bootcovers? General sewing? The finer points of gourmet hot dogs? Cocktails? Comment and let us know!

Anime Matsuri 2010

Hey everyone!

India and I will be cosplay guests at Anime Matsuri in Texas from April 2-4, along with Yukilefay from Brazil and Francesca Dani from Italy.

Everyone should come see us! We'll have some great stuff planned, and we take requests. ^_^

The Anime Matsuri website will go live in a few days, but in the meantime, check out the Anime Matsuri Facebook page:

Post WCS round up

We're all back in New York now. Phew, long trip was long. Now I'm pretty much devoting the rest of the day to vegging out and concentrating on staying awake until at least 7pm.

So, to kill five or ten minutes, here is us at the WCS:

Meeting the Governor:

The Parade


Great time. Everyone was awesome. Totally exhausted. I'm sure one of us will make a more in-depth post once we can brain.

Press Day

Hi all,

Yesterday was press day, and I thought I'd share a few pics before we head over for the parade.

You can see more photos here.


We have arived

From left to right; Liz, Renee (Team USA 2009), Dia and I.

More images available here.


Fancy ladies in dramatic lighting!

Just a quick note to say congrats to the southern regional winners at Metrocon, for WCS 2010 - Laura Hale (Tranquility6487) and Hannah McCue (hanamaru)! They were shiny and blinged-out as Hermes Costello and Jolyne Kujo from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure! Congratulations ladies! :D

In other news, Elizabeth and I have been super quiet around here because we're super busy with our performance costumes! Somewhere in this busy time, I managed to run by Kinokuniya and pick up the June issue of COSMODE, in which we have a two-page spread! If you follow us on Twitter (and you should!) you may have already heard about this, haha.

Back in May, we were fortunate enough to do a shoot with Kyle Johnsen, owner and admin of Cosplay.com and US photographer/associate of COSMODE. He flew out one weekend and we had a great shoot at a Victorian-gothic themed gallery in Brooklyn. It was an absolute joy working with Kyle, and we had a lot of fun swanning about in our fancy outfits in the fancy gallery. Huge thanks to Kyle and COSMODE!

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